The Ordinary Moments: A Pot of Paint

Posted On February 26, 2015| Leave a reply

I can not believe that a pot of paint can 1: be so interesting and 2: be the cause of so much stress.

We have been continuing to work on our hallway renovation project which has meant we have had some decorating stuff knocking about – more specifically large half empty pot of dulux paint.

Harriet has taken to using it as a stool and a little seat.  I have found this pot of paint all manner of places.  It has been used to help her climb up to the table or help with the washing up.  It has been used as a soap box on which to stand and scream.  It has also been used as a seat right in the middle of the kitchen.  Amelie thinks it is hilarious to either move it or push her sister off it.

Paint-pot-2 Paint-pot

mummy daddy me


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