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DIY peg Star/Snowflake

Posted On December 10, 2014| Leave a reply

Each Christmas they run a little competition at Amelies school to make something with a Christmasy theme.

This year they have been asked to make a snowflake.  We found lots of ideas which we have pinned to our snowflake board.

Finally we decided to make this.  I think it’s really effective and easy to make – even for little people.


You will need.

8 Wooden Pegs

Wood Glue – PVA should do it although for speed I did have to resort to the glue gun.

White Paint


A small amount of thread.


  • Take the wooden pegs apart.
  • Glue the wooden pegs back to back.


  • Arrange the pegs into a star shape and glue them into place.


  • Paint the star white.  I reckon any white paint would do or for a smoother finish you could use spray paint.


  • Once the paint is dry spread a thin coat of glue over the surface of the star/snowflake.



  • Cover it in glitter.  Lots of it in our case so make sure you catch it so that you can re-use it.
  • Once it is dry and you have shaken off any excess glue, with a needle carefully thread a small amount of cotton through one of the gaps and tie off.

Hang-it-2 Hang-it-1

  • Voila you have a beautiful star/snowflake to hang on your tree.


Amelie had a ball making this and was really proud of herself and the end result.  I think that this simple easy idea makes a beautiful Christmas decoration.


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