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Belated Valentines Catch up

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The other day we were at home not doing very much when the doorbell rang and there was one of Amelie’s really cute little friends with a valentines day card for her.  Bless them they were both so excited.Valentines-2

As soon as we got back inside she was on my case about making her a valentines day gift too.  She insisted on making her friends some biscuits and a card – the numbers started to grow but in the end we limited it to two of her little school friends.

With Harriet’s refusal to sleep it meant baking with them together.  We found a recipe that Amelie liked the look of and split it in two – so they had half each.

Not much of Harriet’s made it as far as the oven.  She either ate it, wore it or  thew it on the floor however she had a lovely time creating a huge mess.  At one point she was eating handfuls of pure spread and flour.  Yum!!!  She was covered quite literally from head to toe.  We also had lots of tears when we eventually came to putting the remains of her biscuit dough into the oven.Valentines-1 Valentines-1a

In all the excitement I forgot to take any photos of Amelies little cards or biscuits, but here she is skipping down the road clutching her bags of goodies for her friends.  Valentines-3

Both of her friends were out so we left them hanging on their doors for when they got home.  A bit later that evening she had a text message (on my phone) from one of her little friends saying thank you.  You should have seen the beaming smile she went to bed with.



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Say you love them with Cake.

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Love is in the air………….. Valentines day is fast approaching.  Normally I try and duck out of the whole valentines day thing.  I put it off until the last minute and then end up grabbing some hideous card for poor Michael and subsequently feeling a little guilty about the whole thing.  This year I have decided to embrace it and what is better than telling someone you love them than with cake.

A little while back we were asked by Betty Crocker if we would like to review some of their baking products.  So armed and ready we set about baking some delicious valentines day treats for the special people in our lives.

BC-1Apart from her Grandparents and Uncle Jonathan Amelie wanted to make some for her little school friends and I wanted to make Michael a big fat chocolate cake.  (Michael has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know – although the rule of a minute on the lips a life time on the hips doesn’t seem to apply to him).

Having two little people baking in the kitchen at the same time can be slightly stressful so I decided to make them with Amelie over a couple of evenings once Harriet pickle pants had gone to bed.  However we did make up a little bag of treats for Harriet’s little friend Sam.


The first night we decided to make some White Chocolate Chunk Cookies.  Amelie loves baking.  She is always on my case about it and whilst I do enjoy baking with her sometimes the mess I know it will create is just enough for me to postpone it for another day.  However in such instances having these Betty Crocker Cookie Mix’s in the cupboard might be just the ticket.  I was so impressed that we didn’t need any ingredients other than water and Amelie could pretty much make these from scratch with very little help from me.   However this first batch of cookies didn’t make it as far as the treat bags!!!!!  They just had to be taste tested to ensure that they were okay. They didn’t look quite like the picture on the packet – I think that this may have had something to do with Amelie getting a bit ahead of herself and not adding the right amount of water.  We are pleased to report it didn’t seem to affect the taste.  Quite literally they disappeared before my eyes.


The next evening I found a valentines day recipe on the Betty Crocker website using a box of their Chocolate Brownie Fudge Mix which we decided to make.  The looked delicious and we thought that they would be perfect for our treat bags.


Once again they were very easy to make.  We just needed to add some oil, water and an egg, but rather than making them traditionally in a brownie tin we made these in a cupcake tray with cupcake cases.  This was a bit tricky for Amelie as the batter was super sticky but hey it tasted good so it wasn’t a problem! :-)


After waiting for them to cool down in the tray we then carefully peeled the cake cases off and upturned them and left them to cool completely.  The Chocolate Chip Cookies came out much better this time.  Amelie was very careful to make sure that she added the right amount of water.  Despite the desperate pleas for the cakes I managed to keep the little fingers off.


Once they had cooled I cut a small heart shape out from a piece of paper we dusted the cakes with icing sugar,  I think that they make very effective valentines day cakes, perfect for our treat bags.


I had ordered some cellophane treat bags from the internet and we carefully placed a Valentines cake and cookie in each ready for Amelie to give out to her friends the next day at school.  She was so pleased with the end result.


Not forgetting Daddy, we made him a delicious Devils Food Cake covered with lashings of Chocolate Fudge Icing.  What’s the saying? The way to a mans heart is through is stomach!!!!  I am trying to watch my weight and what I am eating at the moment and this delicious looking cake is not doing much to help me.  It keeps calling me!

Again the cake was so easy to make, and combined with the Chocolate Fudge Icing it is truly irresistible.  Having made sure the icing was kept at room temperature prior to using it, it was so easy to ice the cake.  I really struggled to stop myself just eating it by the spoonful straight from the pot.

These Betty Crocker kits are perfect to have in your cupboard for the occasions when you need to quickly make up some cakes or cookies or when little people like my girls want to bake and I want to retain a relatively clean and tidy kitchen .  They need very few ingredients and short of a complete disaster you are pretty much guaranteed a delicious outcome.

We were sent these products to review.  All views and opinions are ours alone.  You can find out more about their products over at Betty Crocker.




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