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The Ordinary Moments – Craziness Continued

Posted On February 10, 2015| 2 Replies

All week the Amelie was glued to the windows waiting for it to snow.  But apart from a few wet flurries we didn’t see any of the white stuff.  Living right on the Kent coast most of it fell as horrid cold driving sleet.  We made up for it by ramping up the heating and pretty much hibernating for the week whilst eating cake.

I did some baking with Amelie and Harriet. Check out these grubby chops.  They both love cooking but I find it fairly stressful with them both at the same time.  If nothing more than the fact that they have to have separate cakes because of Harriet’s food intolerance’s and trying to keep Harriet out of Amelie’s bowl is an impossibility.Harriet-grubby-chopsWhilst we are continuing to work on our hallway project I commandeered Amelie into helping me with another DIY project.  We are going to make a new height chart.  Amelie has out grown the one my mum gave her when she was a baby.  Here she is with her bit of MDF.

DIY-1She was so pleased to be trusted with the paint.  She very carefully followed my instructions for painting.  Only up and down strokes no wishy washy side ways rubbish.

DIY-2Harriet’s craziness continues to make me smile.  Although she went to bed in disgrace for snatching my camera off my desk and running off with it.  Just as I got within reaching distance of her she threw it the length of the kitchen.  It all happened in some super sonic slow motion.

Today we have been sporting the goggles and helmet look with the boyance aid for the added touch.

Crazy-Harriet-2 Crazy-Harriet-1I love it when they do these crazy things.  I remember the sunglasses phase Amelie went through when she was about the same age.  It’s so cute watching their little personalities develop.


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The Ordinary Moments – Crazy Harriet

Posted On February 3, 2015| 2 Replies

This week we have had a few giggles at Harriet.  Her craziness continues to make us smile.  Although she is a complete horror that is full of mischief.

She is obsessed with swimming.  You only have to mention the word and she is in the swimming box.  One morning we did the school run with Harriet wearing her swim aid and her goggles whilst clutching a swimming costume I am sure you can imagine the looks we got.  She regularly runs around the house wearing her goggles.  (Goggles is one of the few words she can actually say.)

SwimmingShe is a nightmare when I am trying to get dressed in the morning.  She is constantly under my feet trying to get into my makeup bag and anything else she can find.


Cream-2And of course it is completely normal to be running up and down the rolled up rug whilst I am trying to vacuum with her sisters ear muffs covering her eyes.

normal-1Harriet has spent a lot of time on the naughty mat this week for hitting, biting, throwing and drawing on things with crayons and felt tip pens.  However she is a defiant little thing.  She has set her own agenda and insists on sitting on the naughty step instead.  She thinks it is all one big game.  Sometimes I feel totally out of control with her.


We have also had the weekly battle with Amelie and her homework.  This week she got 6/13 for her spelling test.  Bless she is only 5 and she is already complaining about the homework each week.  I dread to think what she will be like by the time she hits her teens.

HomeworkThis week Amelie has been a bit poorly with a heavy cold so she has had a couple of days at home with us.  I think the playdoh took her mind of things for a while.  playdoh


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The Ordinary Moments – Playmobil Parties and Silly Faces.

Posted On January 27, 2015| 4 Replies

Without doubt the only toy that the girls play with on a consistent basis is their ever growing Playmobil collection.  Their love for Playmobil started when Amelie was about 18 months old. She was given a Playmobil 123 farm and we have literally played with it ever since.  The farm animals went everywhere with us and now that Amelie has migrated to the next stage Harriet now brings the same animals out and about with us.

It is now becoming a daily battle of tidying away the Playmobil.  The temper-tantrums I get when I suggest its time to tidy up are unbearable.  I find it everywhere and occasionally I have to break up the odd fight because Harriet has stolen one of the babies and won’t give it back either that or she has ruined Amelie’s game.  Whilst I struggle to maintain the Playmobil chaos when all is quiet and the kids are in bed or Amelie is at school I love looking at the little parties and gatherings that take place at the Playmobil house or on-board the pirate ship.  I love listening to Amelie playing with it.  I can hear her talking away to herself.  She sets up campsites and gardens, playgrounds, picnics and parties.  The other morning when I went downstairs at 6.00am (I wish she wouldn’t wake up so early)  to find they were rocking it at a fancy dress party.


Whilst Harriet is still a bit small for Playmobil she tries to join in bless her.  The other day Amelie spent ages setting up a playmobil playground for her to play with, and was distraught when Harriet appeared and demolished it.



I am so pleased that the girls have found a toy that they genuinely like playing with.  We have brought so many toys which lie abandoned on the shelves collecting dust.  Watching my girls playing on the floor surrounded by Playmobil reminds me of when we were little.  We would spend hours playing with the Lego strewn all over the floor with my Mum moaning at the mess we had made.

In between tidying up all the Playmobil one of my favorite things I love to do at the moment is pull silly faces with Harriet.  She is so cute, she tries so hard to copy and when we say pull your funny face she grits her teeth and scrunches her little nose up.  I just had to include this crazy photo of us pulling faces.   These are the memories I want to hold onto forever.


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