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My Little Skateboarder

Posted On January 27, 2014| Leave a reply


Just before Christmas Amelie announced that she wanted a skateboard.  I briefly looked into getting her one for Christmas but I didn’t know what I was buying and after discussing it with Michael we decided against it.  Then someone told me about a local indoor skate park that does beginner lessons.  Initially I booked her in for one lesson – ever since she has been totally hooked.  It is a bit of a rush straight from school once  a week and I have to try and juggle childcare for Harriet or drag her along with us (which I am not convinced is the best place to try and give her her tea).

Last week I brought her her own gear.  I am pleased we tried it out and went to the skate park first.  They have got all the gear and she is learning the basics in a controlled environment.  I can not believe my little girl is big enough to go skateboarding.  She looks so cute decked out in her gear.