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The weekly Spelling Trauma

Posted On February 12, 2015| 2 Replies

I am sure most of us remember having to learn our spellings for the weekly spelling test when we were at school.  Oh how I hated them.  It was so dull and boring having to learn them.   I sit here now on the receiving end of these weekly spellings as a parent.  I acknowledge the importance of learning to spell and improving a child’s literacy skills as they develop however there has to be a better way to learn them.

I try really hard not to but I find it really frustrating when we get them right one day and then wrong the next day.  Additionally I think that for some children the spellings being sent home are on the hard side.

I have tried making up worksheets.  We tried learning them the traditional way – reading them, writing them down – correcting ourselves and trying again the next day.  We also tried a spelling wall with the weeks spellings written on the wall.  All of which have had a varying degree of success.  We both liked the worksheets as they placed the word in context with pictures, but I found this really time consuming putting together worksheets for 13 different words each week.  Also as the term progresses and Amelie becomes more tired it is a lot of additional work for her too.

I started an internet search on ideas for teaching spellings.  One of my favorite ideas I came across was spelling with Lego.  So I thought we would give it ago.  I followed the instructions given over at This Reading Mama

Whilst Amelie was at school the other morning I sorted out the lego bricks we would need.  I used blocks of 4 for the small letters, a,c,e,i,m,n,o,r,s,u,v,w,x,z and blocks of 6 for tall letters and tails with tails b,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,p,q,t,y.  Armed with a permanent pen I then wrote the letters on the corresponding blocks.  (For all you Lego lovers out there – never fear a cotton pad and some acetone free nail varnish should remove the pen.)

Following the ideas of This Reading Mama I decided separateout the vowels as being white. Amelie always gets her p & q’s and b & d’s round the wrong way so I made sure that they were very specifically different colours.  Some of Amelies spellings have had capital letters so I did these with blocks of 8.



I then made a sheet up with this weeks spellings on and a little bag for her Lego Letters to go into.Lego-Letter-3

Basically she had to build the words using the lego.  Using the shape/size of the bricks to help her.

Lego-Letter-6 Lego-Letter-4 Lego-Letter-5

She totally LOVED learning her spellings this way and has been asking me to do them.  I think I am going to add an extension onto the worksheet next week – where she has to write the word down after she has built them.

The girls have fought over the bag and the lego letters/bricks since I made them.  I am thinking of putting another set together for Harriet.


Here is Harriet playing with the Lego Letters  whilst Amelie is at school.

I would love to hear what methods you use to help your little ones with their spellings.  You can find some of the other ideas I have come across on my pinterest board.

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