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Posted On December 4, 2014| Leave a reply

Christmas!!!!  I feel like I have been in Christmas mode for weeks now – however there is a large element of denial too.  With 15 for Christmas lunch and only the turkey and chipolatas on order I am not feeling very organised.  I’m feeling safe in the knowledge that I do have some vague plan of action forming and I am sure it will all come together in the end (unless that is just more denial!)

On a positive front when it comes to present buying I am way ahead of myself on previous years. Usually I am a nightmare.  I leave everything until the last possible minute and then end up rushing about like a crazy person.  With all my shopping now complete for the girls and my nephews at the moment there is still an element of control.

With everyone asking me what I would like for Christmas I get a bit overwhelmed.  So when Next sent me the details of their New Competition #NextmasWishList I decided to start thinking about what I would like for Christmas

Other than a good nights sleep, something which unfortunately Nextmas cannot offer.  I would really like to curl up and hibernate for the remainder of the winter in a nice comfy chair with a big mug of tea or mulled wine and my knitting.  In this dreamy state of mind I headed straight for the All-in-One’s and cosy slipper socks.


 Christmas Pudding Socks

Jacob Chair

Cream Faux Fur Throw

Snuggle Novelty All-in-One

Ski Dog Mugs

Once I brought myself out of my dream and back into reality I stated to think of all those impromptu Christmas gatherings and New Years celebrations that are impending and how nice it would be to have some new clothes to wear.

Nextmas-2Black 2-in-1 Jumpsuit

Bright Jewel Necklace

Faux Fur Sweater

Zip Top Clutch Bag

Candy Across-The-Body Bag

Sometimes when you are a mum it is so easy to think about everyone else and what they need or want for Christmas that you forget about what you would like.  I would love to hear what is on everyone else’s Christmas wish list.

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