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A belated Happy New Year

Posted On January 7, 2015| 2 Replies

I am not sure where the time has gone because suddenly here we are already 7 days into the new year.  Ahhhh the New Year, the land of hope and promises.  The time of New Years Resolutions, fresh and ready for everything 2015 is going to bring us.

Like a lot of people I have set myself some targets for the New Year.  (I am not keen on resolutions partly because when they fall by the wayside it feels like a total failure, targets are something you work towards.)

First and foremost I have finally reached a point where I know I need to get my weight and fitness in check.  I have known this for a while but with Christmas looming I just knew it was a non starter before I even got started.  So my first target for the year is to loose my excess weight and run a half marathon with my brother.  I have started the 5:2 diet and to date have found it remarkably easy (I even poured my glass of wine back the other day when I realised how many calories it contained).  I have tried so many different diets in the past all of which left me feeling like I was missing out on something but so far so good.  I have invested in a Jawbone UP24 tracker (which I am hoping will arrive tomorrow) and downloaded the My Fitness Pal app which I am going to link with my jawbone when it arrives  – I currently have a fitbit one but I find it frustrating as I often forget to put it on or swap it between outfits.   I went to tabata training class on Saturday morning which was good but due to tight finances this month I think I am going to start my fitness campaign by following the 7 min fitness workout on my iphone.

Being a regular reader of Katie over at Mummy Daddy ME has made me realise that I can do it. Like Katie I have taken a photo of myself at the start of this month.  I am a little reluctant to put it out there as it makes me feel really embarrassed and self confident, but in doing so I am hoping it will maintain my commitment to shift the weight and get in shape.


Secondly this year I would like to work on building my blog.  I have been blogging since July 2011 and have enjoyed it immensely.  However I have really struggled with all of those amazing blogs out there.  Don’t get me wrong not it a bad way.  They are all so amazing that I have often found myself comparing my content with theirs and then subsequently having self doubt and not publishing a lot of my posts.  Silly I know!!  I don’t really know why either.  When I started my blog it was simply a means to keep a diary of our daily family life.  For me and not for anyone else but gradually over time I seem to have lost it a bit.  So this year I am going to return to blogging for me and try really hard to stop comparing myself to others.  There are so many talented lovely bloggers out there but I need to remember that I do this for me and nobody else.

If you hop over to Capture by Lucy she has a great post on Encouragement for 2015

The third thing I would like to work on is my time management and general household/blog/work organisation.  Sometimes I feel like I am being swallowed up by chaos and clutter.  Its madness……….I feel like I tidy one area only to return half an hour later and have to do it all over again.

There are lots of amazing blogs, books, websites out there – some of which I have read in the past and some of which I still need to check out and some of which I would like to re-read.  This is definitely going to be a work in progress.

I have just discovered bullet journalling (I wish I had discovered it before Christmas then I could have asked for a lovely new notebook to start on the 1st of January).  I have only just started it but I can definitely see how it could benefit the way I work and organise myself.

Finally I am going to sort our finances out.  We waste way too much money each month.  Having sat down and gone through everything I am ashamed to say that for far too long we have been sticking everything on the credit card and paying it off at the end of the month without really checking it.  Don’t get me wrong we haven’t been lavish or gone crazy with the spending – we have just never really added up how much we spent in the supermarket, petrol, kids shoes, the odd coffee or meal out here and there.  So GONE are the credit cards – the points you get in return never really amount to that much anyway.  From now on I have set a strict weekly household budget.  I know whats coming in and going out.  The only thing allowed on the credit card are pre-discussed items – mainly for the insurance cover should something happen.

So there we have it.  My targets for 2015.  I am sure that I have lots more “targets” for the year but these are the main ones I am hoping to focus on.






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