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Trust in Motherly Intuition

Posted On June 2, 2013| Leave a reply

feedingEver since Harri was born we have had issues with her feeding.  We have been to the Doctors almost every week.  Initially the one of the GP’s we have seen said that it was because her tummy was too small and she was over eating, then they said don’t worry she was gaining weight but I just knew something was wrong.  Eventually we were prescribed Pregistimil a special formula for babies who have milk allergy/intolerance.  She improved straight away but some of her symptoms of not feeding started to come back, so after some extensive research I went back to the Doctors and requested Gaviscon as I thought perhaps she had silent reflux.  Her feeding continue to deteriorate and she was driving me to distraction.  We spoke to the GP who said we should try Whsoy which she hated even more so we returned to Pregistimil.  Basically this continued for a few weeks by which time we were so desperate we even tried adding milkshake syrup to her bottle.  Different bottles, teats etc made no difference.  I was at my wits end and made another appointment for the GP who said he thought that it was anxiety driven and he strongly advised me to make an appointment for myself as he thought I had postnatal depression.  The fact she had only drunk 4oz in 12 hours didn’t seem to bother him.  I left the surgery in hysterics as I knew that there was something wrong with her but I wasn’t been listened to.  One evening I was so desperate I called the children’s ward at the local hospital for some advice.  Whilst they were helpful over the phone there wasn’t much they could do unless she was referred by the GP or came in via A&E.  I called the Health Visitors who didn’t return my call.  I really was at my wits end so I started to track how much she was feeding.  She was screaming all the time.  I couldn’t put her down at all, I had to carry her around in the sling all day.  She was refusing the bottle so she was hungry but just wouldn’t or couldn’t drink the milk.  I made another appointment for the GP, this time I demonstrated how she was feeding and went with Michael.  He said that we should call the Health Visitors and get them to come and see how we were feeding her at home.  Again I left feeling like we were being fobbed off.  I rang the Health Visitors who said to go back to the GP so I booked an appointment for the next day and this time I went with my Mum.  She was great and really helped me argue my case and Harri screamed the place down.  Eventually we were prescribed some other milk called Neocate which is for very sensitive Cows Protein Allergies.  He said to try it for 48 hours and if no better we would be sent over to the pediatric clinic.  Finally after 17 weeks of doctors trips fingers crossed we are sorted.  The Milk has been like a switch.  She guzzled nearly 30 oz in 24hours instead of her 16 oz.  She is happy and gurgling.  She has lost the frown and I haven’t had to lug her around in the sling.

I am really annoyed that I was fobbed off for weeks as being a neurotic over anxious mother.  In the process poor Harri has been unable to feed properly and has obviously been in some discomfort.  Since Wednesday I have felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I stopped wanting to go anywhere with her in-case she either screamed or it looked like I was trying to force feed her.  I am really hoping we are all on the mend now.  Once we are sorted I am going to write to the GP.  I knew that there was something wrong with her the moment I brought her home and gave her a bottle of Aptimal.  Part of the problem was that each time we went to the GP we saw a different Doctor.

Have you had problems with a similar situation?  I am not sure why we have to fight so hard to be heard.