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Weekly Roundup

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We have had a good week filled with birthdays a trip to the beach and a birthday tea at Frankie and Benny’s.  Although I wish the kids would stop fighting.

Last Saturday was spent at home tidying and catching up on jobs.  Being a stay at home Mum I am not sure how all my jobs end up piling up for the weekend.  This is an area of my life I think I need to work on – I am currently reading the book 168 hours You have more time than you think.  It is proving a very interesting read and is starting to make me realise just how much time I waste, doing not very much but thinking I’m rushed off my feet.  Mikes parents popped in for afternoon tea.  The house was still a tip but we had made a lemon drizzle cake.

Sunday the sun was shining and I needed to get out of the house, get some fresh air and use up a bit of the girls cooped up energy.  So I checked the tide times and we went down to the beach (its no good going at high tide as it is just pebbles but at low tide the sea goes out for miles across the sand flats).  It was pretty chilly.  I wrapped the girls up but within minutes both girls were soaked.  However they had fun running about on the sand.  Amelie kept splashing the puddles up her sister – Little horror.  We had intended to go for a coffee afterwards but the girls wellies were so wet inside and I had forgotten to take spare shoes so we had headed home for coffee.


Sunday was also my Mums birthday so we invited my parents over for dinner with my brother and his girlfriend.  As usual far too we ate and drank far too much.  I forgot to put the bubbles in the fridge which I was a bit of a shame so we had to settle for wine instead.  I did take some photos but not very good ones and I don’t think anyone would thank me for posting them on here!

Pretty much the remainder of the week we have spent attempting to tidy a very over cluttered house (another area for improvement!) I spent some time working on a plan of action for a few of my projects and baking various things.  We popped into town to try and get Harriet some of her birthday presents but we couldn’t find what we were looking for so I had to resort to Amazon and John Lewis.  I spent so long pondering what to get her that I ended up leaving it until the last minute and having to pay for postage.  I think having a birthday so close to Christmas can be tricky when deciding what to buy – with Christmas only a month ago she doesn’t really need anything.

I have resisted temptation all week to buy any more crafting supplies, wool or quilting material.  Oh I tell a lie I did buy a triangular quilting template so that I can start a quilt for Harriet (I already have the material for this).  I have decided to try and finish some of my ongoing projects and use up what I have before starting any new ones.  So this week in my spare time I have been working on my crochet granny square blanket I started a while back.  I started it so that I could use up some of the odd balls of wool I had.  So far I have made 59 squares.  I don’t know whether to keep going to 100 or stop at 64.


We have started working on our hallway project this is a work in progress – (more on that later.  I am going to put together a post next week).  I am very excited about this although judging by this photo Mike doesn’t seem so impressed!!!


Thursday night we took the girls to Frankie and Benny’s for a birthday tea.  I made Harriet a little chocolate muffin to take with us and they brought it out with a candle and sang Happy Birthday  Amelie has been on our case about going there for Harriets birthday for months.  She was so excited.  Harriet sat there bright eyed wondering what was going on.


Finally Friday was Harriets birthday.  I thought Amelie was going to burst with excitement.  I am hoping to find time to put together a birthday post next week.  I also took Harriet to see the cranial osteopath.   This is pretty much a whole days excursion.   We have to drive quite a long way for her appointment so she ended up spending a large chunk of her birthday sat in the back of the car bless her.  I forgot to link the two together when I booked her appointment and he is always so busy that I kept her appointment.  If she hated going I may have changed it but she loves it.  It is the only time she sits still.  I had to stop twice on the motorway hard shoulder (something I hate doing as it always feels so dangerous) to strap her back in her seat.   She had managed to wriggle free and was trying to open the doors and the windows.  Honestly that baby truly terrifies me sometimes.

It was an action packed day, once we got home we had a little birthday tea for Harriet (I had to buy a cake as I ran out of time) with Mikes parents and mine.


So there we have it our weekly round up.

I had originally planned on posting this on Friday but as with most things in this house life takes over and other things happen.



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Our Weekend that was.

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For what is a traditionally quiet month, January in our house is panning out to be a bit manic.  It feels like we don’t go anywhere for months at time then suddenly we are busy every weekend for weeks at a time.

This weekend we joined some friends on the Friday for a curry, Saturday I was out with for a small re-union with some of my girly friends from school.  Hard to believe but I left school 20 years ago this year.  Then Sunday night we went to my parents for supper.  All told it was a pretty hectic weekend.  I have decided that two nights out on the trot is just something that with small children I can no longer cope with.  By the way I am sorry to disappoint but I am not participating in dry for January.

Sunday morning we decided to make the most of the weather and went for a walk through the village and along the bottom of the cliffs.  It was such a glorious day that we just had to take advantage of it.  Our walk is something  Mike has been trying to get out to do for a while.  It was made even better by the fact that I was joined by one of my oldest and dearest friends from school.  I just love this girl so much.  I don’t see her for ages – sometimes years, sometimes months but when we do it’s like we quite literally pick up where we left off.


We stopped on the seafront for a sneaky hot chocolate and a bag of crisps.Sunday-Walk-2

What did everyone else get up to this weekend?



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