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Summer Bucket List #1

Posted On August 1, 2013| Leave a reply

bucket-list-1aA week into the summer holidays and we have made a good start on our summer bucket list.

1: We went to the fair and the carnival all part of the towns annual regatta week.  I couldn’t believe the prices of the fair rides.  The bumper cars were £3 per per person and children under 10 had to ride with an adult!  £6 for 3-5 mins!!

2: We had fun in the garden trying to see who could blow the biggest bubbles.  When we were children you used to be able to make your own bubble mixture with washing up liquid.  I’m not sure what they have done to it but this doesn’t work anymore however a quick internet search and I came up with a good little recipe.  125ml washing up liquid (I used fairy but I think the cheaper brands might work a bit better), 125ml glycerin (you can buy this in boots or a chemist) and 2ltr of water.  This made a HUGE buckets worth – plenty for an afternoons fun.  There was lots left over so I tipped it into an old ice cream tub so that it didn’t evaporate.  I thought mixture worked better the next day.  I made wands with some pipe cleaners I had in the cupboard.

3: When we put our bucket list together I thought it might be a nice idea for Mimi to keep a record of all the things we have done this summer.  Basically it’s a scrap book.

4:  On Tuesday we were lucky enough to be invited by Sainsburys to their Boredom Busting Celebration, so we took a trip into London.   It was an excellent afternoon packed full of ideas and activities from their Bumper Book of Summer book.  Mimi LOVED the whole day and has been telling everyone about it.  I have thought about going into London before but I have been put off by going solo with two small children and a buggy.  However it was really easy and in hindsight we could have taken the bugaboo instead of the Maclaren.  I was worried that the train would be super busy and I would end up having to collapse the buggy.

What have you got planned for the summer?