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Sainsbury’s Little Ones Nappies.

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Last week Sainsbury’s were giving away packs of their Little Ones nappies with a spend of £40 or more.  This is a very clever ploy on their part.  If like me you are loyal to your nappy brand it is difficult to make the switch to a different brand.  What if they are not as good?  Will it be money wasted?

I have used Pampers nappies ever since Mimi was born.  I did briefly try Huggies (although you can no longer get these here) but I didn’t like them, I found them a bit tight and a bit rough to touch.  So I stuck with what I knew.  This time round with Harri I instinctively brought Pampers again.  I did try some Boots nappies the other week as they were cheaper.  However I found that they weren’t as a absorbent.  Additionally to use them on a regular basis would mean a special trip to Boots.

So when I was given a couple of free packs from Sainsbury’s I was only too happy to try them.  I have been pleasantly surprised by them and as a result of the free trial I will probably swap.  I have found them to be much more absorbent than Pampers.  Sometimes Pampers felt a bit damp to touch but I haven’t had any problems with Sainsbury’s Little Ones.  I like the little elasticated section on the back of the nappy, and the sticky tags are nice and secure (I have pulled these off a couple of times with the Pampers which is very annoying).  On the downside they don’t feel quite as soft as the Pampers and they don’t have the little strip which changes colour – but do we honestly need that anyway?  The most important point is that they are considerably cheaper and in my opinion just as good.

We are currently in size 3’s.  At the moment in Sainsbury’s have got offers on both Pampers and Little Ones.

Two packs of 56 Size 3 Little Ones are £10 – (8p per nappy)

Two Packs of 29 Pampers Size 3 New Baby are £10 – (17p per nappy)

That works out at a saving of 9p per nappy!!!!  Having sat here and written this post and looked at the costings it makes no sense to stay with Pampers.  We will be swapping.  Now I am wondering if I will Sainsbury’s baby wipes a go too.





#Baby Bits: Mamas and Papas Bouncy Chair

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Our previous bouncy chair was nothing special.  If I think back it was a hand-me down which Mimi used.  Anyway it had defiantly done the rounds and it finally decided to give up and stop working.  Whilst it might not have been anything fancy it was perfect for what we wanted and did the job.  When looking to replace it I just wanted like for like.  The closest match I could find was the Mamas and Papas Bubble Bouncer.

Initially I was really pleased with it, but now its really starting to bug me.  Harri loves the attachable arch with soft toys but they literally just clip on and off.  If Harri is in the chair you have to lift her in around it or you have to remove it and re-clip it afterwards.  It is not very secure when attached and Mimi can remove it.  I have caught her trying to re-attach it whilst Harri was in the chair, waving one end around very close to her head and face.  I know you get what you pay for and I did only paid £24.95 (Its now in the sale at £15.00) however I wish in hindsight I had done some more research spent a bit more money and opted for something slightly better.


#Baby Bits: Caboo Baby Sling

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With so many baby slings on the market (most of which are not cheap) it is a dilemma as to which one to choose.  With Mimi I went for a Baby Bjorn.  However I found it very difficult to use.  It was uncomfortable to wear, even when she was small it hurt my back.  Not only that but I found it fiddly to use and almost needed two of us to put her in and out of it.  In the end I hardly used it.  I found it more hassle than it was worth.  This time round I was recently moaning about the Baby Bjorn to my friend who recommended the Caboo Closer Sling.  She said it would be money well spent and I have to agree with her.  It has taken some getting used to.  I had to watch a you tube video on how to wear it.   Now I have grasped it I wouldn’t look back.  It is easy to put on and off, comfortable to wear and distributes the weight effectively.  I use it almost everyday now for the playschool run, daily chores (when Harri doesn’t want to be put down) or for going round the supermarket.  However I did find their instructions a little confusing and not very clear hence why I had to watch the you tube video.

I have also heard good reviews about the Ergo Baby Carrier which can be worn on your front and back.  I am thinking of trying to pick one of these up at some point.  Although having gone on their website I think you need to be careful not to end up with a fake one if you are buying secondhand. 


  1. Caboo Baby Carrier – £59.99
  2. Baby Bjorn – £79.99
  3. Ergo Baby – £81.75