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Make it: Baby Comforter

Posted On May 15, 2013| Leave a reply

I have seen lots of babies with Taggies baby blankets.  I thought about buying one for Harri but decided I would try and make one instead.



Little Harri loves it.  Not only that it was really easy to make.


5 Meters of Ribbon cut into 25 pieces of equal length.

Two pieces of material 37cm x 37cm you will need to add a bit more for a seam allowance. (I used cotton on one side and fleece on the other.)


Pin your two pieces of fabric together.  Right sides facing each other.

Cut your ribbon into 25 pieces of an equal length.  Fold each length in half.  You need to pin your ribbon between the two pieces of fabric.  When pinning the ribbon in place you need to pin it so that the ends are flush with the edge of your material with the folded end facing inwards towards the center of the fabric.  You are making a Ribbon Sandwich.  You shouldn’t  be able to see any of the ends.

Once pinned in place carefully stitch all the way round the edge.  Make sure you leave a big enough gap allowing you to turn the fabric in on itself.

Turn your fabric the right way out and iron.  Once ironed you then need to top stitch all the way round.

I hope the instructions make sense.  I would love to see any completed projects.  Harri loves hers comforter and I would recommend either making one or getting one.



Make It Yourself: Dribble Bibs

Posted On May 1, 2013| Leave a reply

When Mimi was little these were a new thing on the market and something I never tried.  Someone brought us a pack of dribble bibs when Harri was born.  Having used them a couple of times I have been converted and thought I would buy some more.  However I was mortified at the price of them and decided instead to make my own.

I experimented a bit.  The first one I made I made by hemming my fabrics together facing sides together, leaving a small gap allowing me to turn it the correct way round.  The second one and subsequent ones I made on the sewing machine using the over-locking stitch.   I am really pleased with the results and I have had lots of admiring comments.  Also I Love the fact that you can choose your own fabrics.