Review: The Lego Movie

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Both of my girls have recently discovered Lego having inherited a large collection from my brothers so when we were recently asked if we would like to review The Lego Movie we jumped at the chance.  Having previously seen the trailers to The Lego Movie Amelie has been on my case about watching it so when I told her the DVD had arrived courtesy of Suppose!com I literally had to fight her to the DVD player.

She loved it.  It has been on a constant loop for about three days and she has talked non stop about the film ever since.  I listened to her at 6am yesterday morning reenacting it in her bedroom with her Lego

According to Amelie her favorite part is when Lord Business (or the baddie as she calls him) freezes Good Cop/Bad Cop’s mum and dad.

“The Lego Movie” encapsulated how we used to play with lego when we were children.  I loved the way Emmet (the lead character) couldn’t do it unless he followed the instructions and that over time he learnt to use his imagination with the Lego to build whatever he wanted.  This is exactly how I remember Lego when I was a child.  I loved the attention to detail and all the little quirks like the broken helmet. I thought that graphically the movie has been cleverly constructed.

Amelie loves Lego and the movie.  She has lots of Lego and isn’t a child with a strong sense of gender stereotype however I can imagine that it may not appeal to some girls as it isn’t very girly apart from Unikitty from the cloud of cuckoo land.  I think that The Lego Movie is biased towards boys.

We recieved a copy of The Lego Movie DVD courtesy of Suppose!com.  Our review is our own honest opinion.


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