Putting up the Christmas Tree

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Like most children my girls are both so excited about Christmas.  They are quite literally counting the hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas.  Although poor little Harriet isn’t really getting it.  She just keeps asking where the man is with her big big pink car.

It is such a magical time when they are little and still believe in Father Christmas.  This year we have decided to cut back on how much we spend on them at Christmas.  Last year they just had so much.  They weren’t even looking at what they had actually been given.  So this year as part of their Christmas present we have booked a surprise trip to Euro Disney.  Amelie is constantly asking us to take her there but until now we have always felt that Harriet would be a bit too small.

So it was very fitting when literally the day after we booked our hotel and tickets I received an email asking if we would like to review some Disney Christmas Tree Decorations.

Harriet is typical of most little girls and at the moment is slightly obsessed with Frozen.  So when the box arrived and she opened it to find a set of Frozen decorations her face was a picture.


Initially Harriet just wanted to play with them.  After a bit of persuasion we managed to get them onto the tree.

Disney-2 Disney-1

My favourite is the one of Olaf relaxing on the beach.


Before I had the girls I always decked our tree out with silver tinsel and glass decorations. Gradually one way or another most of my decorations have been broken and replaced with the plastic baubles.

This year it was lovely to watch Harriet decorate the tree with some of her favourite Disney Characters without me worrying whether they were going to get broken.  Elsa and Sven have been on and off the tree ever since we got them out of the box.  I can honestly say that these are probably one of the best tree decorations we have had for our tree and perfect for little people.


When it comes around to taking the tree down in a few weeks I am wondering if they will make it as far as the Christmas box for the loft or if they will be added to our regular soft toy tea parties instead.

We were sent these products to review.  All views and opinions are ours alone.  You can find out more about their products over at The Disney Store.




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