The Ordinary Moments – A tale of two tales.

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This week has been a tale of two tales.  The fun days and then the days curled up on the sofa with poorly girls.

We started the week out and about enjoying the spring sunshine.  Sunday we took a stroll around the village with Mikes parents.  It was really lovely skipping along hand in hand with Amelie.  I so love these moments with Amelie.  The warm sunshine making the newly flowered daffodils almost seem golden.

Along the bottom of our walk under the cliffs Harriet came out of the buggy.  She had a wonderful time chasing her sister and jumping in the biggest muddiest puddles she could find.

Walk-1 Walk-2

When I went to put her back into the buggy to walk back up the steep hill I took her muddy wellies off only to realise that she had gone out without any socks on.  Poor baby – bad Mummy.  I thought Mike had helped her get ready to go out and he thought I had.  Bless her she had got her own boots on and ended up going out sock-less.  So having put her mittens to good use (I knew there would be a good reason for taking them with us) she returned home with them on her feet.

Being half term we decided to go for a run along the pier to the cafe at the end.  They love it.  Amelie is always on my case about going down the pier.  We always have to stop and put some pennies in the guide dogs.  Then all along the pier there are little round drain holes which you can see the sea through.  If you have very small pebbles you can drop them through the gaps and watch them fall into the sea below.  It never ceases to amaze me how the most mundane things can cause so much excitement.

Pier-2 Pier-1 Pier-3

We also decided to take a spur of the moment day trip to France.  The girls just love going on the ferry.  We left at the crack of dawn with the girls still in their PJ’s.  It is always such a big adventure for them.  We headed down the coast in the hope of running along one of the sandy beaches, but the wind was a bit chilly so we ended up having cafe au lait and looking for Harriet’s very precious Stinky Blankey that she managed to drop. Boat

Poor Amelie started to come down with a nasty sore throat and heavy cold, bless her she was sneezing all day and started to look more and more pale as the day progressed.


She has spent the last two days curled up on the sofa under my incomplete but very warm and cosy granny blanket.  Then this morning Amelie was joined by her poorly little sister. Poorly-2Today only Mummy cuddles on the sofa will do.  Oh and the countless repeats of Frozen!!!  If I do get much sleep tonight I expect I will be having frozen dreams.


mummy daddy me


Siblings (February)

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These two cheeky monkeys have continued to fight and wind each other up pretty much most of the time.  LaughingHarriet keeps stealing Amelie’s toys mid game – she squeals and tries to snatch them back – Harriet lashes out – Amelie squeals some more and retaliates and they both end up on the naughty mat.   I feel like it’s groundhog day and its exhausting.  Quite literally within about 5 minutes of waking up and getting downstairs it starts.  Harriet’s lack of speech isn’t helping our cause.  She gets so frustrated.  Ultimately Harriet just wants to play with her sister and copy her every move and Amelie is having none of it.

However there are times when they are so cute together and it is then that I know deep down they really do love each other.

sittingIf I offer either of them a biscuit they will take one two; one for them and one for her sister.  Amelie really does look after her sister (when it suits her) and can’t wait to get up in the morning and go into her room to see her.  Despite her frustrations with her sister Amelie is a very gentile child (if at times a bit manipulative).  She is very thoughtful and will think of others. The other day they wanted to go in the garden.  Amelie very carefully made sure Harriet had her boots on the right feet and helped her into her coat.

Helping-HarrietHarriet however is a complete and utter horror.  I can not take my eyes off her for a second and if I do it is like a whirl wind has gone through the house.  Only this morning she managed to get hold of a felt tip pen and drew on the walls, the playmobil house, the curtains, the chairs and herself.  Trying to get the pen off her is almost as bad kicking screaming, biting.  Honestly this baby drives me potty.   Although Amelie is far from perfect and will wait until she thinks we aren’t watching and will try and kick her sister off the beanbag.  The other day she ate poor Harriet’s sweets.  Harriet was distraught and came in with the bag pointing and crying.  I knew straight away what had happened but she wouldn’t admit to it.

The other Sunday the sun was shinning, having been cooped up indoors for weeks we decided to take a trip to the beach so the girls could run off a bit of energy.  If you catch the tides right you can run for miles on the sand flats.  Something the girls love doing in the summer.  To start with they had a fab time running and jumping in the puddles.  The tide was so far out we didn’t make it to the waters edge.Beach-3Within minutes they were both soaked and freezing cold, but hey the sun was shining and they were having fun, that is until Amelie thought it would be a good idea to start splash kicking the puddles up her sisters legs.  She thought it was really funny – or she did until we took them home because she wouldn’t stop doing it.  Both girls needed a complete change of clothes Amelie moaned all the way home because the salt water was stinging her legs.  We had originally planned on going to warm up a coffee shop afterwards but I had forgotten spare shoes for them and their wellies were full of water.  

Beach-2 beach-1

I love my girls so much and I want them to get along nicely, but it’s tough when they bicker constantly.  I know Amelie is struggling with having a little sister at the moment but I also know that really she does love her.  I think part of our problem is Amelie being exhausted from school and Harriet’s lack of being able to communicate properly.

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The weekly Spelling Trauma

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I am sure most of us remember having to learn our spellings for the weekly spelling test when we were at school.  Oh how I hated them.  It was so dull and boring having to learn them.   I sit here now on the receiving end of these weekly spellings as a parent.  I acknowledge the importance of learning to spell and improving a child’s literacy skills as they develop however there has to be a better way to learn them.

I try really hard not to but I find it really frustrating when we get them right one day and then wrong the next day.  Additionally I think that for some children the spellings being sent home are on the hard side.

I have tried making up worksheets.  We tried learning them the traditional way – reading them, writing them down – correcting ourselves and trying again the next day.  We also tried a spelling wall with the weeks spellings written on the wall.  All of which have had a varying degree of success.  We both liked the worksheets as they placed the word in context with pictures, but I found this really time consuming putting together worksheets for 13 different words each week.  Also as the term progresses and Amelie becomes more tired it is a lot of additional work for her too.

I started an internet search on ideas for teaching spellings.  One of my favorite ideas I came across was spelling with Lego.  So I thought we would give it ago.  I followed the instructions given over at This Reading Mama

Whilst Amelie was at school the other morning I sorted out the lego bricks we would need.  I used blocks of 4 for the small letters, a,c,e,i,m,n,o,r,s,u,v,w,x,z and blocks of 6 for tall letters and tails with tails b,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,p,q,t,y.  Armed with a permanent pen I then wrote the letters on the corresponding blocks.  (For all you Lego lovers out there – never fear a cotton pad and some acetone free nail varnish should remove the pen.)

Following the ideas of This Reading Mama I decided separateout the vowels as being white. Amelie always gets her p & q’s and b & d’s round the wrong way so I made sure that they were very specifically different colours.  Some of Amelies spellings have had capital letters so I did these with blocks of 8.



I then made a sheet up with this weeks spellings on and a little bag for her Lego Letters to go into.Lego-Letter-3

Basically she had to build the words using the lego.  Using the shape/size of the bricks to help her.

Lego-Letter-6 Lego-Letter-4 Lego-Letter-5

She totally LOVED learning her spellings this way and has been asking me to do them.  I think I am going to add an extension onto the worksheet next week – where she has to write the word down after she has built them.

The girls have fought over the bag and the lego letters/bricks since I made them.  I am thinking of putting another set together for Harriet.


Here is Harriet playing with the Lego Letters  whilst Amelie is at school.

I would love to hear what methods you use to help your little ones with their spellings.  You can find some of the other ideas I have come across on my pinterest board.

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