The Ordinary Moments: A Pot of Paint

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I can not believe that a pot of paint can 1: be so interesting and 2: be the cause of so much stress.

We have been continuing to work on our hallway renovation project which has meant we have had some decorating stuff knocking about – more specifically large half empty pot of dulux paint.

Harriet has taken to using it as a stool and a little seat.  I have found this pot of paint all manner of places.  It has been used to help her climb up to the table or help with the washing up.  It has been used as a soap box on which to stand and scream.  It has also been used as a seat right in the middle of the kitchen.  Amelie thinks it is hilarious to either move it or push her sister off it.

Paint-pot-2 Paint-pot

mummy daddy me


The never ending winter bugs.

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I am so fed up this week.  Half term has been and gone in a blur of illnesses.  I feel like we have lost a week, because yet again we have all been struck down with some horrid flu like bug.  I wouldn’t mind but the house looks like we have been ransacked, we have no food in the house and I still feel awful and I could really do with a good nights sleep.


We hadn’t fully recovered from the last cold we had a week ago or the bug we over the Christmas break.  Literally this winter we have lurched from one bug to the next and I have finally had enough.

To say it has been an intense few days would be an understatement.  There is nothing worse than feeling dreadful with kids clambering all over you when all you want to do is crawl back into bed and pull the duvet over your head.

I suppose it is one of the joys of parenthood.  (Something no one tells you about).  I seriously wish Summer would hurry up.


Belated Valentines Catch up

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The other day we were at home not doing very much when the doorbell rang and there was one of Amelie’s really cute little friends with a valentines day card for her.  Bless them they were both so excited.Valentines-2

As soon as we got back inside she was on my case about making her a valentines day gift too.  She insisted on making her friends some biscuits and a card – the numbers started to grow but in the end we limited it to two of her little school friends.

With Harriet’s refusal to sleep it meant baking with them together.  We found a recipe that Amelie liked the look of and split it in two – so they had half each.

Not much of Harriet’s made it as far as the oven.  She either ate it, wore it or  thew it on the floor however she had a lovely time creating a huge mess.  At one point she was eating handfuls of pure spread and flour.  Yum!!!  She was covered quite literally from head to toe.  We also had lots of tears when we eventually came to putting the remains of her biscuit dough into the oven.Valentines-1 Valentines-1a

In all the excitement I forgot to take any photos of Amelies little cards or biscuits, but here she is skipping down the road clutching her bags of goodies for her friends.  Valentines-3

Both of her friends were out so we left them hanging on their doors for when they got home.  A bit later that evening she had a text message (on my phone) from one of her little friends saying thank you.  You should have seen the beaming smile she went to bed with.



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