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A few weeks ago one of my friends from school mentioned that she was going to take her daughter to London to do part of the Paddington Trail.  It sounded like it would be a good day out so we decided to tag along too.

For those of you who don’t know to celebrate the launch of the Paddington Bear Film there are 50 Paddington Bears stationed around London (4th Nov-30th Dec)  You can get more information from The Visit London Website.

We had a fab jam packed day.  We managed to find 9 out of the 50.  We thought that they would be really easy to see but the were remarkably difficult to spot hiding in the crowds.


Catherine was really organised, we printed off the map of the Paddington Bear locations and laminated them.  Catherine then took stickers for the girls to mark off on their maps which Bears we had spotted.



Catherine used some of her Tesco Clubcard points for the Open Top bus and I used some of my Nectar Points for Pizza Express so other than the cost of the train we didn’t spend much money.

Bus-2 Bus

It was such a lovely day.  Because Harriet is such a pickle it was really nice to give Amelie some one on one Mummy time.  The girls played beautifully together all day running about like crazy children.  We even saw a whole load of cycling Santa’s


Something we thought would have been a good idea is if they had been geocached.  We struggled to find a few of them.

Have you been to see the Paddington Bears.  If you hop over to VisitLondon you can vote for your favourite pictures.

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