Make It: Halloween Brooches

Posted On October 10, 2013| Leave a reply

It’s coming up to that spooky time of year again.  Halloween.  I don’t think its quite as big here in the UK as it is in the States but with Halloween falling during half term why not spend some time getting into the spooky spirit with these Halloween Brooches.





Materials Needed:


A piece of orange felt

A small amount of black and green felt

A pair of scissors

A needle and black thread

A small amount of toy stuffing (optional)

A pin/brooch back

A glue gun (optional as you could sew the pin on)


STEP 1:  Using the template (click here for the PDF download) cut out your felt pieces.  Pumpkin body x 2 | A x1 | B x 1 | Stork x 1 in green | Teeth and eyes x 1 in black.

STEP 2: Carefully lay pieces A & B on to the front of one of the pumpkin bodies and blanket stitch in place.

STEP 3: Back stitch your teeth and eyes in place.

STEP 4: Place your stork behind the top of your pumpkin body and sandwich it in place with your other pumpkin body you cut out.

STEP 5: Blanket stitch around the edges.  If you are going to use the toy stuffing you need to make sure you leave a small gap.

STEP 6: Carefully stuff the Toy stuffing into the small gap and then secure the edges together.

STEP 7:  Turn your pumpkin over and glue/sew the pin in place.



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