Living with food intolerance’s. Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC bread maker review.

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Living with a child or anyone come to think of it who has multiple food intolerances/allergies can be tricky.  So many every day foods contain hidden ingredients that I feel like I am constantly checking the food labels.  I have also discovered that although the supermarkets are wising up to food allergies and intolerance’s they can cost you a small fortune.  I reckon some weeks Harriet can double my food bill.  It has taken some time but I have finally reached a point where I am okay with it.

We have through a process of elimination concluded that poor Harriet is intolerant to dairy, eggs and soya.  It has been a long journey which at times I have found particularly stressful.  Right from birth I knew there was something not right.  But that is all in the past.  Now I think we know what the triggers are I try and work around her dietary requirements.  Luckily being at home allows me to cook meals that are suitable for the whole family.  My biggest problems are going out to a cafe or dinner, birthday parties and trying to accommodate Amelie who at times is not very considerate.  She will happily gobble down a nice big doughnut or a bar of chocolate in front of Harriet with little regard for her.  It kills me watching Harriets cute little face, eyes wide watching in awe; expectant of the few crumbs that she might be able to scavenge.  Poor baby, it does make me sad.  Most cafes are usually okay if I take something suitable for her when I explain her situation.  The majority of the time I will make Amelie wait until Harriet has gone to bed before she has things like that but sometimes it really is unavoidable.  Luckily Harriet is intolerant and not allergic so if she does have something that contains diary, eggs or soya it is a pain and she will have a reaction but I know can be managed with the drugs we have been prescribed and she will be okay.  However this is something I don’t like doing so I do try to maintain a diet that is suitable for her needs.

One food I have struggled with is bread.  I think that bread is such a good staple food for little ones but to find a bread which is dairy and soya free is near on impossible unless you are going to spend a fortune in Waitrose or the health food shops so we decided to buy a bread maker.  (I was a little reluctant to buy one as we had one previously which didn’t make very good bread and subsequently sat in the cupboard unused until eventually we put it on freecycle.)  After a bit of research I settled on a Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC.  It was expensive but for me it was cheaper than having to drive to Waitrose just to buy bread (I used some vouchers I had).

I have had it for at least 6 months and I use it on average at least once a day – sometimes more.  We have used it to make bread, pizza’s, rolls, specialty breads, chelsea buns and I am sure we will make many more things.  It comes with a recipe book which I have found invaluable.

Earlier this week we made Olive Bread, and today we made Apple and Cider Bread.   I love it.  You literally put the ingredients in the bread pan, set the timer go off and do something for a few hours and voila you have fresh bread.  Cider-Bread-1


Using the Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC couldn’t be easier.  More importantly the girls have bread that looks the same so it prevents the arguing and fighting as Harriet tries to sneak a piece off Amelies plate.  I love that it has a timer so for the days when I am organised I can set the machine up before going to bed or on the days where I am slightly less organised I can run a 2 hour rapid loaf.  I suppose the best thing is that I am able to adapt recipes so I can add a dairy free/soya free spread instead of butter or I can use a milk alternative such as coconut milk.  It really has made such a difference to our day to day running of the house.

We paid for the bread maker ourselves.  This blog post is my own opinion.  We have not received any payment for this review either monetary or goods.

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