How cool are these Dinosaur Birthday Invites

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The girls have been invited to a cool Dinosaur Egg Hunt Birthday Party and these invites are just so amazing.

Because they are so delicate it was hand delivered.


Each little box comes with a “Dinosaur” egg and the instructions to crack it open.


I couldn’t quite bring myself to crack it open……(I know that it was addressed to the girls but Amelie was NOT IMPRESSED at being invited to a BOY’s Party and even worse it included Dinosaurs.  Harriet would have just smashed it to smithereens so obviously it came down to me.)


Carefully rolled up inside each egg was a little invite to their birthday party.


How cute are these!  I am in awe of my friends and these amazing invites.  I was a bit cheeky and asked her how she came up with the idea.  She told me she found them online so with a quick google search I found the tutorial over at  Go check her out there are loads of fab ideas.


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