For the LOVE of Pom Poms

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I have always loved pom poms and I have always fancied making a pom pom garland.  This is something I have frequently considered.  That is until my sheer laziness kicks in – the thought of cutting all the circles of cardboard and laboriously threading them is enough to stop me in my tracks.

Then I discovered the Clover pom pom makers.


I know from a crafting point of view I am probably a bit slow on the uptake with these little guys.  I often saw them calling me in the little wool shop but I just thought they would be another crafting mishap that I would place in a box never to use.  However these are fab and make making pom poms easy peasy.

Literally you wind your wool around the little plastic bits, snap them back together, snip all the way round, tie it off and hey presto you have a pom pom.  Even better they come in different sizes and shapes.  Whoever invented this little gadget is a crafting genius.

With my LOVE of pom poms check out these cool pom pom ideas.

Pom-Pom Pom-Pom-2

 Pom Pom Garland

Pom Pom Vase Decoration

Pom Pom Fairy Garland (I think I like this one the best)

Pom Poms with crochet (I think this would look fab on a blanket I am making)

Pom Pom Hats

Pom Pom Scarves

 For even more pom pom LOVE check out my Pom Pom Love Pinterest board.

So having invested in one set of clover pom pom makers I thought I had better try a few different sizes.  With my ever growing wool collection I thought I could make some colourful garlands for the girls bedrooms.  However before I got that far I set myself the task of making some white garlands for a Christmas window.  (I will upload the completed design in a few days.)


So far I have made about 8 garlands.  I am hoping to finish them off this evening.



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