Fix it with sugru.

Posted On April 23, 2012| Leave a reply

If you haven’t heard of sugru then you are missing out. I first heard of sugru about a year ago and thought it was a groovy looking product but didn’t think much more about it until Mike appeared with a packet he had brought to fix Mimi’s swing.

Last year my Mum brought Mimi a swing for the garden from ELC, however the seat was really slippery. She sat on it once fell off and flatly refused to go on it ever again so this is where Mike had the ingenious idea of using sugru.

A few spots of sugru and off we go! If only we had thought of using this sooner!

Sugru is an amazing product which will bond to most plastics. You can hand mould it to the shape you want, it comes in a variety of colours and will work in temperatures of -60 upto 180c. It is flexible and if you don’t like it you can remove it. The best bit is it is inexpensive at £10.00 for a pack of 8 colours.

Here are some examples of things other people have done with their sugru.

Go on give it ago. I am now eyeing up all the other things I could “hack with sugru“. I quite like the idea of adding hair to our Lego people.

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