Father’s Day

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Father’s day in our house was a bit on the dull side.  Poor Amelie was poorly again.  This time it was a headache which made her sick.  So we spent most of the day recovering & watching Cbeebies.  (Our apple TV isn’t working properly otherwise it would have been countless repeats of Frozen.)

Amelie was feeling so poorly on Saturday that she didn’t even want to wrap Daddy’s presents up – Poor little thing .  This year we decided to give Daddy some mementos to remind him of his girls.  (We refer to our little family as Daddy and his girls. )



I loved the idea of these beautiful Oak and Acorn key rings from Auntie Mims.  I love the way you can add names and dates to them.  So we had Daddy’s Girls with the girls names and birthdays, then for a bit of fun I added my name with our wedding anniversary.  (No excuse to forget now!)


You can read all about the hammer we got Daddy in an earlier post here.

Dove-Men-Care1Then because we think Daddy is an Active and Playful Dad, always off sailing and working hard in the garden we also gave him this great Dove Men+Care gift pack.  The duo pack contained a Clean Comfort Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and  a Clean Comfort Shower Gel.  Designed for men who are active the Anti-Perspirant provides 48hour protection against odour whilst the Shower Gel protects the skin from dryness with the innovative MICROMOISTURE technology.

I am pleased to report that by the end of the day Amelie was feeling much better so we managed to get out for some fresh air.  We had cancelled our trip to see some family earlier in the day so just ended up eating leftovers whilst watching trashy TV.


Daddy loves the hammer and has used it a fair bit this week.  Harriet appears to have taken a shine to the keyring, I keep having to retrieve it from her sticky little mits and Michael has been telling me how great his Dove gift pack is.  He assures me (I have no sense of smell) that the deodrant is very effective and that the shower gel smells great but not too feminine.  So all in maybe Father’s day wasn’t so bad after all.






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