“Bish Bash Bosh…..” Father’s Day Gift.

Posted On June 10, 2014| Leave a reply

I can not believe that it is almost already Fathers Day.   It has crept up on me and as usual I was at a loss as to what to get.  I find Father’s Day a tricky one.  Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a much more low key affair.  The girls always end up getting Daddy some chocolates (he has a mega sweet tooth) or plants for the garden and I end up opting for the fail safe bottle of wine for my Dad.

This year my groovy friend Michelle over at Auntie Mims has been making these great wooden hammers with a personalised message engraved on the handle.  I think they are fab and make an ideal father’s day gift.  They are fun yet functional.  I know for a fact that something like this will get years of use in our house.  Michael is always on some DIY mission!!!


Auntie Mims Personalised Wooden Hammer.

Blobbers Blabbers if you were wondering is what Amelie announced she would like to be called when we were on our recent holiday.  Strange child!  We have no idea where the name came from but it seems to have stuck ever since.  What are you plans for fathers day?


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