#Baby Bits: Mamas and Papas Bouncy Chair

Posted On April 19, 2013| Leave a reply

Our previous bouncy chair was nothing special.  If I think back it was a hand-me down which Mimi used.  Anyway it had defiantly done the rounds and it finally decided to give up and stop working.  Whilst it might not have been anything fancy it was perfect for what we wanted and did the job.  When looking to replace it I just wanted like for like.  The closest match I could find was the Mamas and Papas Bubble Bouncer.

Initially I was really pleased with it, but now its really starting to bug me.  Harri loves the attachable arch with soft toys but they literally just clip on and off.  If Harri is in the chair you have to lift her in around it or you have to remove it and re-clip it afterwards.  It is not very secure when attached and Mimi can remove it.  I have caught her trying to re-attach it whilst Harri was in the chair, waving one end around very close to her head and face.  I know you get what you pay for and I did only paid £24.95 (Its now in the sale at £15.00) however I wish in hindsight I had done some more research spent a bit more money and opted for something slightly better.


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