#Baby Bits: Caboo Baby Sling

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With so many baby slings on the market (most of which are not cheap) it is a dilemma as to which one to choose.  With Mimi I went for a Baby Bjorn.  However I found it very difficult to use.  It was uncomfortable to wear, even when she was small it hurt my back.  Not only that but I found it fiddly to use and almost needed two of us to put her in and out of it.  In the end I hardly used it.  I found it more hassle than it was worth.  This time round I was recently moaning about the Baby Bjorn to my friend who recommended the Caboo Closer Sling.  She said it would be money well spent and I have to agree with her.  It has taken some getting used to.  I had to watch a you tube video on how to wear it.   Now I have grasped it I wouldn’t look back.  It is easy to put on and off, comfortable to wear and distributes the weight effectively.  I use it almost everyday now for the playschool run, daily chores (when Harri doesn’t want to be put down) or for going round the supermarket.  However I did find their instructions a little confusing and not very clear hence why I had to watch the you tube video.

I have also heard good reviews about the Ergo Baby Carrier which can be worn on your front and back.  I am thinking of trying to pick one of these up at some point.  Although having gone on their website I think you need to be careful not to end up with a fake one if you are buying secondhand. 


  1. Caboo Baby Carrier – £59.99
  2. Baby Bjorn – £79.99
  3. Ergo Baby – £81.75





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