Advent Calendar filler ideas

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Having decided that this year I was going to make an Advent Calendar for the girls I then had the task of trying to think of things to fill it with that wouldn’t completely break the bank. However I have found it trickier than I thought it would be.  24 little presents x 2 is quite a lot.  Especially as Harriet still has her dairy intolerance which means chocolate is pretty much out.

Here is my selection to date.


  1. Paperchase Finger Tattoos They have Christmas ones too.
  2. Festive hair slides from Marks and Spencer (I brought them in store)
  3. Peppa Pig figures
  4. Moshi Monsters
  5. Cat highlighter pens
  6. Lego Movie Keyring & Father Christmas
  7. Festive Polar Bear pen
  8. Some homemade Christmas badges
  9. A selection of sweets and chocolates including some mini moos Dairy free/soya free chocolate bars for Harriet.  The mini moos were kindly found by one of our thoughtful friends.
  10. Some homemade pom pom hair slides

I will open the figurine packs and pens and split them up into different days to make them last a bit longer.

Having laid out the bits I have brought it has probably cost me a small fortune.  If you are looking for some festive stocking fillers and or Advent Fillers that are inexpensive I would check out Baker Ross.


From top left

  • Christmas Rubbers
  • Christmas Pop Up Pens of various designs
  • Christmas Tattoos
  • Monster Pen Toppers
  • Christmas Note Books
  • Christmas Rubber Duck.

Having complied all the bits for my Advent Calendar and made my Calendar (to follow) I wonder if there is something to be said for the Lego or playmobil  Advent calendars.  They get to build a scene which they will play with for ages as apposed to all the little bits I have put together which will be played with for a few minutes and then discarded.  I have tried to really think about what Amelie would like and how much use she would get out of all of the little bits.  Sitting here reading back through my post it is no wonder we have so much clutter in our house.

If you are still to make your Advent Calendar there is still time, you can check out my Advent Calendar post here or take a look at my Pinterest Board.



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