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Welcome to Mummy and Mimi.  What originally started out as an online journal about my little family back in 2011 has grown into something far more.

Here you will still hear about daily life in our household, family times, my latest crafting projects and latest hobbies.


The creation of Mummy and Mimi has given me a confidence to go out and explore some of my talents and interests.

Before having children you would have found me working late and partying hard.  I originally trained as an Architect and worked in London.  After taking a gap year out to go travelling with my husband we returned and re-settled in our home town in Kent.  My husband set up his own business and I took the opportunity to retrain as a secondary school teacher.  I did a PGCE in Design and Technology and took a job at a local comprehensive where I worked for about 7 years.  As our family has grown we took the decision for me to become a stay at home mum.  You will now find me sitting in front of the computer, tidying up after the kids or sat in front of some trashy TV program with a big bag of wool and a set of knitting needles.  Instead of partying with my friends I am often seen sat on the sofa in the early hours with a little person and a bottle of milk.

If you would like to work with us or are interested in anything you see on our blog please contact me


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