A Happy Tummy

A Happy Tummy is a Happy Baby and a Happy Baby is a Happy Mummy.

At the start of the new year I set myself of sorting out family finances out.  Once I started looking at and breaking down our weekly food bill I was amazed at how much money we spent on trying to accommodate Harriet’s food intolerance’s.

Harriet has suffered from a variety of food intolerance’s since birth and is still on Neocate Active formula milk prescribed by the GP.   We see a dietitian every six months and are currently avoiding all dairy, soya and eggs.  It is something she should eventually grow out of however in the mean time her intolerance’s present themselves in a similar way to an allergy.  I can tell when she has eaten something as she will develop a rash on her face and she suffers from tummy issues.

With this in mind one of the key areas I have decided we can save money is by trying to make more bits at home for Harriet rather than relying on the shop brought free from products.  I love all the fruit pouches and snack bars you can buy.  They are so easy when you are out and about, but they are also easy to throw into the trolley with little regard for the cost implications.  Not only this but the number of half eaten sachets or snack bars that get thrown away is ridiculous.

I have in the past tentatively tried making her some bits but I have never been very successful.  There has been a definite difference in the end result between the allergy free version and the standard recipe.  I know so many children who have either suffered from an allergy or an intolerance like Harriet yet there are no decent reliable cookbooks out there to help you.

This year I am determined to come up with a selection of recipes that the whole family can enjoy that are inclusive of Harriet’s needs.

One of the most helpful items I have brought is a breadmaker.

Cider-Bread-3Panasonic Bread Maker Review


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