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The other day on WIT (Wearing It Today) I read a blog post titled: WIT MAMA FRIDAY: MAKE UP IN UNDER 5 MINUTES and it got me thinking.  Since leaving work and having had Harriet I have gradually fallen into the trap of making minimal effort and wearing virtually NO make-up.  Each morning I would have a quick shower and rough dry my hair before dashing out on the school run.  However I don’t think that this has been helping my mood lately.   This hasn’t been helped by Michael saying to me “Oh My God!!!!  What have you done to your head?”  A quick dash to the mirror……………  Mike pointed out to my horror a large bald patch.  Then on closer inspection we found a second larger bald patch.  Luckily I have got a lot of hair so at the moment (when its dry) they are pretty well covered.  In panic I booked a doctors appointment who told me I have Alopecia Areata.  Feeling slightly paranoid and self conscious I decided that I need to make more of an effort on a daily basis.  So here are a couple of other purchases I made at the weekend.  I have brought Red Lipsticks in the past but have always found that they don’t last very long and need constant re-applying….(which I forget to do) and I don’t like the glossy tacky feel.  So having read the blog post by WIT I decided to pick up a Red Matt Lipstick.  I usually head for the MAC counter but they were all out of the colours I wanted so I headed over to the new Bobbi Brown Counter and got myself a fab lipstick.  I LOVE IT!  It lasts for HOURS and the colour combined with the lip pencil gives me a polished feel.



O.P.I: Big Red AppleBobbi Brown: Matte Lip Colour Red Carpet | Bobbi Brown: Lip Liner Red.

However on the beauty front  I do seem to have become quite obsessed with buying nail varnishes. It  feels like every time I go shopping I end up in the nail varnish section.   Here are a few of my latest purchases.






MAVALA: Minsk | essie: Peach daiquiri | O.P.I: Big Red Apple | O.P.I: Silent Stars Go By Liquid Sand



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