So where have I been? 0

Here goes;  I don’t often write posts like this but things have been a bit crazy here for a while.  Little Harriet has literally screamed at me non-stop for seven months and refused to sleep in the day, Mimi has picked up some poor behavior from school and I’ve had to have some pre-cancerous cells removed.  It has been a total nightmare and there have been days where I feel like I’m not cut out for motherhood. The house is a tip and everywhere I look it is covered in crap.  I feel like I am suffocating in a house of chaos with no routine and stuff everywhere.  My therapy?…… Alcohol!

Harriet hasn’t screamed without reason.  She was finally diagnosed with a milk allergy at about 17 weeks the milk we were given took 10 weeks to properly work.  Now we are weaning she seems to be reacting to wheat/gluten and maybe bananas.  It’s really difficult.  We need to try new foods but if its something she reacts to we get two/three days of serious reflux, screaming and Mummy being totally stressed out.  Sometimes she will react almost straight away and other times it can take a couple of hours to show up.  I have been to the doctors so many times I have lost count.

To add to the mix Mimi has picked some hideous behavior from one of her little pre-school friends. Screaming in peoples faces and making goo goo gaa gaa noises and waving her arms about and pulling faces when I try and speak to her.  I managed to stop this over the summer by not having any play dates and putting her on the naughty mat each time she behaved like it.  Within 10 days of being at school its all started up again!!!!

I feel like we are on a roller coaster which is out of control!  I have read and re-read the happiness project which I thought was good but also hugely irritating as she just seemed to have this “perfect” kind of life.

Anyway.  Enough of my ranting.  I have decided that I need to do something about it before I end up going totally doolally or becoming an alcoholic (just joking).  So with the start of a new school year I have decided to work on Project Organise.  I’m going to sort this house out, ditch all crap and implement some sort of routine.  In a quick internet search I came across a really great blog called IHeartOrganizing which is full of tips and tricks for organising your house/life.

It hasn’t all been bad we have had some fun this summer too.  I love my girls and Michael but I just think that there must be an easier way for this house to run.


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