Review: Back to school with George at Asda.

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It is that time of year again.  It’s coming to the end of the school holidays and it is making me feel nostalgic.  This time a year ago everyone was excited about Amelie’s first day at school.1-year-ago

This year I have truly enjoyed her company over the holidays and I am sad that our summer is drawing to a close.  Amelie however can’t wait to graduate to year one.


The start of the new term heralds a new school wardrobe and this year we have been asked by George of Asda to review a selection of the school uniform.  I have come to the conclusion that school uniform is a tricky one.

  • I want Amelie to look smart
  • It needs to last a reasonable amount of time
  • I don’t want to scrimp on the quality.  (I can not stand the cheap scratchy polyester materials.)
  • I don’t want to spend a fortune – because lets face it children are grubby little monsters and I don’t want to worry too much if she comes home covered in mud and paint.
  • It needs to wash well, keeping it’s shape and colour.

Basically its a tall order.  It needs to be functional, smart and well made.

Amelie has been on my case since about June about getting her a grey school pinafore with a zip and a heart on the front.  Like most parents countrywide I have been stalling her ready for the new term.  So when our parcel arrived from George Amelie was beside herself with excitement at her new school uniform.  I literally had to fight her off the parcel.  I am not sure I was excited as this when I was her age.  But long may it last!!

We had a whole fashion show of different outfits.  It is a serious business choosing what to wear on that all important first day as a wise old Owl.


School-UniformI am a big fan of George at Asda especially for little ones.  I have always found their clothes to be good value for money.

I was impressed at the selection of school uniform on their website and the ease at which we could navigate our way around the site. We ordered our parcel Wednesday evening and it was with us by 9.30am Thursday.  Now that is impressive!

The uniform we ordered was everything I would expect from George.  The cardigan is lovely and soft.  The shirts we ordered had the detailing on the front that I wanted.  The gingham summer dress has a lovely shape and fitted beautifully. The plimsolls fit perfectly and for £3 are a bargain.  The pair I took out of her PE kit at the end of last term looked like they had been hardly worn and cost three times the price.  We can not forget the dress that Amelie has been lusting after for months – it was perfect.  Just the right amount of detail without being too ostentatious.

I have to say overall I am impressed.  I thought the service and delivery was outstanding, the quality of the clothes is what I would expect all at a price which is affordable.  Most importantly George at Asda have a NO QUIBBLE 100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.  So if we decide something isn’t washing very well or has lost its shape we can return it.  I will definitely be recommending George at Asda to my friends.  I have struggled to get Amelie out of her new uniform since it arrived.  I almost think given a chance she would be wearing it to bed.

Where Oh Where did the sun go???

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After been trapped inside pretty much since Sunday evening today the sun decided to pop his head out from behind those gloomy clouds.  So taking full advantage of it we headed out wellies in hand to our local PYO (pick your own) farm with Amelie and Harriets little friends.

It was great.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves.  The girls who hadn’t seen each other for a week went completely crazy running up and down the Apple orchards and in and out of the sweetcorn field. I am not too sure how many strawberries were actually eaten before we got to paying.  There was a lot of very excited squealing.




Amelie’s New Bedroom

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I wrote this post ages ago but realised when I was looking back that I hadn’t actually published it so here goes.

The second room to be decorated in our new house has been Amelie’s.  As soon as we said we were moving house she was so excited because she could have a “pink bedroom”.  Pink would not have been my choice of colour, but then it’s not my bedroom.  I wish I had remembered to take some before photos.  You would not believe it is the same bedroom.  We brought a tonne of furniture with us from the old house that was totally overbearing and unsuitable for a little girls bedroom.  After lots of persuasion on my part Mike finally agreed to re-home the hideous 1960′s brown lacquered wardrobe and replace it with a new much smaller white one from Ikea.


After some discussion with Amelie we settled on painting just one wall pink and the remaining white.  I just felt that the pink had the potential to be slightly overbearing.  I made Amelie’s quilt for her a couple of years ago.  I love the fact that she will hopefully keep it for years to come.  I am determined to try and find time this winter to make Harriet one too.

I am really pleased with the end result.  Again a bit similar to Harriets bedroom we ditched a load of crap and it is just so much easier to keep clean and tidy.