Giveaway – Colour & Cut your own Christmas Tags

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For the first time ever this year I am feeling pretty organised on the Christmas present buying front.  I think I have pretty much completed shopping for the girls.  With the presents brought comes the joy of wrapping and labeling.

I thought I would share with you my Colour & Cut your own Christmas Tags.


You will need


  1. 4 lengths of twine or ribbon
  2. 1 sheet of A4 card
  3. Some colouring pens & pencils
  4. Something to punch a hole with
  5. A pair of scissors

Print of your sheet of tags and get colouring.  You can download the sheet here.




What do you think?  I think they look pretty good.  I am happy to share my designs with you however if you are going to use them for anything other than personal use I would appreciate it if you could credit me.

Happy colouring and wrapping.


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Advent Calendars perfect for little people.

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Christmas is fast approaching and with just twelve days until the start of December I thought I had better start thinking about Advent Calendars for the girls.

In previous years I have brought the Playmobil Advent Calendar which is excellent and would highly recommend.  Amelie absolutely loved it.  It is beautifully presented and if you are like us and Playmobil fans you can’t go wrong.

This year however I am thinking of making my own.  Looking for inspiration I checked out pinterest.  Here are a few of my favourites I came across.

I fell in love with this beautiful Reindeer by The Sugar House Shop.  What a fab idea.  For someone who is crafty I would love to make this.  However time is fast running out and I just know that I would never finish it and it would be added to my ever growing pile of unfinished projects.


I am a huge fan of Purl Bee and have had my eye on this for ages.  I love the way  you pin the decorations onto the tree.


I love this simple but effective advent calendar by Willow Day.  You could make an amazing Christmas scene with these.  If you hop over to her website there is a template you can print off.


I think the little cardboard houses I found on babble would make for a beautiful advent calendar imagine it with little fairy lights intertwined with it.  However how long it would survive in our house with the girls pulling at it would be anyone’s guess.

If I was making it for myself or someone older I would almost certainly go with the amazing walnut advent calendar by Sweet Paul – Oh how I love that magazine.  I think it looks so sophisticated and just dam right gorgeous.


Finally I love this one by LA MASION DE LouLou.  Again I like the simplicity and the cute little polar bears.

Which one do you like best?  With all this inspiration I had best get a wiggle on with ours.  You can check out all of the cool advent calanders I came across on my pinterest board.



Aveeno – The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie, Bye Bye Dry Skin. #AveenoUK #byebyedryskin.

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If you are a parent who’s child or children suffers from eczema I am sure you will understand how difficult it can be to manage it.  Not only is it upsetting to watch your child suffering it can also be very time consuming.  1 in 10 mums asked said that they spend 2-3 hours a week dealing with their childs eczema.  That is a huge amount of time.

Both of our girls have and still do to a degree suffer with eczema.  We are fortunate that despite suffering the effects of eczema it has always been fairly mild.  Amelie’s suffers from time to time with bouts of eczema all over her body in little patches.  She unfortunately scratches it and ends up with red sores especially on her knees, tummy and back.  I struggle with her as she won’t allow me to use any creams and ultimately it either becomes a fight or I forget to do it.  Harriet suffered almost straight away behind her ears and on her tummy.  Hers is triggered by certain food intolerance’s.  She is much more compliant however again I am ashamed to say that I have fallen into the trap of having no skin care routine in place and as such it is as when I remember.  Not only that but I struggled with the previous creams we were given as I found them particularly greasy.  I didn’t until now realise just how many children do suffer from eczema.  I was surprised to read that 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults suffer.


AVEENO has recognised the struggle many parents go through everyday to manage their childrens eczema and have put together a children’s book series, The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie.  The book has been created to provide parents with a useful tool to support them in the effective management of their child’s dry, eczema-prone skin.    Bye Bye Dry Skin is the first book in the series which centers on the triggers of dry skin and also on bath time.


AVEENO recognises that keeping skin moisturised daily is the corner stone to managing dry, eczema-prone skin.  The AVEENO products containing Colloidal Oatmeal are clinically proven to help restore the top layer of skin leaving the skin soft and comfortable.  I absolutely love the AVEENO Cream.  I too suffer from very dry hands especially in the colder months and I always have a tube close to hand.

Because I struggle to remember to apply lotions to the girls I have fallen in love with the AVEENO Bath & Shower Oil.  The girls love it in their bath and I love to use it in the shower.  The girls come out of the bath lovely and soft and has definitely made some improvement in the dryness of their skin.

You can find further details on the The Dry-Ventures of Ellie and Eddie at