Lemon Drizzle Cake: Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soya Free

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We had Mikes parents coming for afternoon tea yesterday and they always like a piece of cake with their afternoon cup of tea.  The problem I normally have is that there is nothing that Harriet can eat and I have to spend the next hour trying to stop her trying to grab stuff off the table or attempt to entice her with something she blatantly doesn’t want as it doesn’t look anything like the cake everyone else is eating.  So I decided to try and make a Lemon Drizzle Cake that Harriet could eat too.  Having attempted to make cakes previously I was a little dubious but I was blown away at how delicious and easy it was to make this cake was.  Not only that but Amelie ate about three bits which means it must have been good  (Amelie has a hideous sweet tooth and would scoff a whole packet of biscuits given a chance).  It was light and fluffy not a bad match on a traditional Lemon Drizzle Cake and made a perfect afternoon tea cake.  This is definitely a recipe we will be making again.


I found the recipe on the Independent’s Website.  However if you hop over to the fab Bit of The Good Stuff you will find loads of amazing looking recipes.

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Add a splash of colour to your day.

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I really struggle with this time of year.  I hate what feels like endless days of gloom.  Today fleetingly the sun peeped its head out from behind the clouds, but it disappeared as quickly as it arrived.  I love looking at all those great instagram shots from far flung places, reminiscing of our time spent in Australia secretly wishing I was back there and wondering why we ever left.

Alternatively I like checking out the array of colourful blogs and bloggers out there.  There is no end of colour inspiration to brighten your day.  Here are some of my rotating favourites.

DESIGN LOVEFEST I literally love this blog.  Whenever I visit this site I just lust after everything about it not only is she beautiful it is so sleek and well put together.  I love the regular COLOURFEST posts.  What better way to brighten the day than with a splash of pink.


Capture by Lucy : I am slightly addicted to this beautiful blog, but more so Lucy’s instagram feed and her weekly #capturingcolour.  I love that each week there is a different colour which you can tag along with, there are always so many amazing photos.  It really makes you look at what is in front of you and search out for the colour of the week.  Some weeks are easier than others.  Last week it was the colour purple.  This week is the colour Orange.


Oh Happy Day : Just the title of this blog cheers me up.  It is full of great ideas and party inspiration like these stars.

Printable Mini Super Stars | Oh Happy Day!

A Beautiful Mess : I love reading their blog post about living an inspired life.  It is bright colourful, thought provoking and insightful.  A Beautiful Mess is packed full of colour and inspiration.  You could also check out their post about embracing Winter.  It is packed full of useful tips some of which I am going to try and embark upon.

Paint by number

What do you like to do to try and lift the gloomy winter days?

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Siblings (January)

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This month I have decided to participate in the siblings linky.  I have been following the siblings series for a while but until now have not taken part (I’m not sure why).  I am excited at participating and hopefully at the end of the year I will have a collection of happy sibling memories.

I can not believe how time flies.  I no longer have a small person and a baby I now have two small people in tow.  These two small people are both cheeky and independent.

Harriet loves her big sister and gets so excited when it is time to pick her up from school.  I know she misses her sister during the day as she will seek out Amelie’s Mr Doggy.  I will often find her curled up on the sofa giving Mr Doggy a cuddle or she will take him with her for her afternoon nap.


One minute they love each other with hugs and kisses and the next minute they are shrieking and screaming.  With Harriet’s lack of speech she is becoming increasingly frustrated hence we are getting a lot of hitting, pinching and pulling of hair and unfortunately when Amelie does something she doesn’t like she is often on the receiving end of her frustration.  Harriet can get quite jealous and will try and push Amelie out of the way if she is sitting next to me or having a little cuddle.

On appearances my girls are very similar, however as their little personalities develop Harriet by nature is much more intensive and determined where as Amelie is fiercely independent.

For some reason the girls LOVE peering out the window.  They will sit for hours playing on the window sill leaving little games for me to clear away at the end of the day.


Another of my girls favourite activities at the moment is swimming.  Some weeks we will end up going two or three times.  It is a lot easier now that Amelie can swim because Harriet is a liability.  She literally runs in and throws herself off the edge.  You can not take your eyes off her for a second as she is off.  There have been a few times where I have had to streak out onto the pool side in my underwear to retrieve her.  Little monkey.


I am excited to document and see how my girls change over the course of the next year.


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