Hello Summer. The perfect start to the school holidays.

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This week we have had so much fun.  We have literally spent all week on the beach at the sailing club.Holidays-1This week saw the sailing club host the NSSA (National Schools Sailing Association) regatta.  An annual event that is hosted all over the country.  This event was a long time in planning and saw the club host 300 boats.  It brought back many happy memories for me.  I competed in my first National Schools Sailing event here back in 1991.  Obviously I am now too old to compete in this event but I hope my girls will do so in years to come.  With my two girls in tow and it being the last week of term my time was limited.  So my help was in the form of cakes for the afternoon teas.  Michael spent the week out on one of the 30 rescue boats.

CakesAs part of the NSSA the club teamed up with #SummerofColour and Art on the Water to create a spectacular array of floating Art.

Holidays-2This week Amelie also finished her first year at school and competed in her first school sports day.  I can not believe how quickly the last year has flown by.  My baby is no longer a baby but a beautiful little girl who knows her own mind.  I was such a proud Mummy watching her win her race.

It has been a week of picnic teas, running up and down the beach and drawing on stones with sharpies (much less mess than paint – but just as effective).  At one point Amelie managed to get half the club drawing on stones.


The week has been topped off with a party last night to celebrate the weeks events and the start of Deal Town Regatta week with Fireworks and the crowds flocking to the beach to watch the raft race from the sailing club to the pier.  I had a great work out running up and down the beach about 50 times trying to stop Harriet from going in the water.


What will you be up to this summer?  We have another busy week planned.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this glorious weather could stop with us for the next few weeks.






Screen Printing Day Out.

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Ages ago one of my friends suggested we signed up for a day course in Screen Printing at the Turner Contemporary in Margate.  Run in conjunction with Kent Adult Education and the Mondrian exhibition.

Installation view of Mondrian and Colour at Turner Contemporary

Screen printing is something I have often wondered about but been put off at the thought of having to invest in loads of equipment and unsure of the processes involved.  This was a great introductory course and has definitely inspired me to take it up further and perhaps try and incorporate it into my ABC bags.

After a brief introduction into the day’s programme we started off with a tour of the Mondrian exhibition.  This I found very interesting, I hadn’t before now seen any of his earlier work.  Mondrian is primarily known and appreciated for his later work which in real life has far more depth than the pictures we see in books and magazines.

Using his work and the idea of blocks and colours we used this as inspiration for our piece of artwork.  I decided to use the window out onto the sea as the basis for my piece.  I loved the subtle changes in colour against the stark window frames.  As the day went on the colours changed and turned from a dull grey to a bright blue.

Margate-1Margate-2Margate-3 I was surprised at how easy and effective the results can be.  I am really pleased with my view out onto the English Channel.  I loved the way that you can create repeat images with relative ease without the need for loads of fancy kit.  I learnt loads on the course and will definitely be keeping a close eye on future courses run at the Turner Contemporary.   Recently they held a lino print course which I would loved to have done and there is lots coming up in the future.

I discovered loads of new local artists and artists groups which I am determined to check out in more depth.  Go check them out they are great and very inspirational. Zoe Murphy has the most amazing screen printed furniture |Hello Print Studio | Lino Cut Boy & Block Colour.



Weekly Menu

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I did put together a menu for last week but I was just really slack at uploading it so this week you have two weeks in one.

Last week was a bit of a strange week.  It is almost like we have gone into wind down mode ready for the holidays.  Amelie is exhausted after school and so trying to get the timings right is enough in itself.

M-P 14-20 June

You can get last weeks menu here.

This week things have been totally thrown up in the air as we have lots going on.  I am out several nights this week, Mike is out all week helping at a National Sailing event and,  it’s the end of term.  So I have put together a very loose menu plan this week, how much of it we will stick to is anyone’s guess.  This week however I have taken some inspiration from Capture by Lucy.  (Her blog is amazing so if you haven’t checked her out it is definitely worth the read.)  She has a great post on picnic ideas for kids which is just what I am after for this week.



This week I have taken inspiration from Annabel Karmel Lunchboxes & Fay Ripley’s Fay’s Family Food.  Her “Mother of all sandwiches is AMAZING!”

M-P 21-27 July