I’m back!

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Earlier this summer I attended the blogging convention blogtacular.  I had been blogging for a while and thought perhaps it would be good way to give my blogging momentum a bit of a boost.  However it had the reverse effect and I totally lost my blogging mojo.  It has taken me the last few months to get to a point where I feel I am ready to start back up again.

Since last posting both of my girls seem to have really grown in all ways.   Amelie is now a BIG year two girl – her last year in the infants.  It hardly seems believable and Harriet naughty as ever is super cute and now at pre-school two mornings a week.



I had lost sight of what my blog was about.  Time seems to have flown by.  I realise now that perhaps I was setting myself unrealistic expectations.

The Ordinary Moments

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The last couple of weeks have been a bit busy.  I have made the decision to go back to work a couple of days a week.  Although it is all very flexible and I am able to work it around my girls it has taken some getting used to.  Trying to implement some kind of routine and organisation.  As such I have been a bit tired and grumpy.   When I tucked the girls into bed last night I spent a while watching them, they were so beautiful and peaceful.  I love my girls so much.  Sometimes I wish I could just grab five minutes peace and quiet but then I watched them whilst they were sleeping and realised that I wouldn’t want it any other way.

At the start of May the girls have been asked to be bridesmaid’s for my sisters wedding.  Amelie is beside herself with excitement.  Last weekend we went bridesmaid’s dress shopping at Bluewater with my Mum and my sister.  It was a long day and I was a little worried about taking Harriet as she is not always the best behaved child but actually it panned out okay.  The girls had a fabulous day trying on dresses made even better by a happy meal for lunch.  Harriet really got into it and couldn’t wait to take her clothes off.   They looked so sweet together.



Bless her Amelie didn’t understand why we couldn’t bring the dresses home with us.  I am quite keen to keep them out of temptations way until the day.  I can just imagine little fingers desperate to touch it.


mummy daddy me


The Ordinary Moments: A Pot of Paint

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I can not believe that a pot of paint can 1: be so interesting and 2: be the cause of so much stress.

We have been continuing to work on our hallway renovation project which has meant we have had some decorating stuff knocking about – more specifically large half empty pot of dulux paint.

Harriet has taken to using it as a stool and a little seat.  I have found this pot of paint all manner of places.  It has been used to help her climb up to the table or help with the washing up.  It has been used as a soap box on which to stand and scream.  It has also been used as a seat right in the middle of the kitchen.  Amelie thinks it is hilarious to either move it or push her sister off it.

Paint-pot-2 Paint-pot

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