Halloween Crafting

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When we moved house back in March I couldn’t quite believe how much crafting stuff I had managed to accumulate over the years.  As with everything when you move house it all got put in boxes and squirreled away in a corner to be “sorted”.   With these boxes slowly gathering dust and an inset day what better use than a Halloween crafting morning for Amelie and a few of her little friends.

But what to make??  A quick search on Pinterest and the internet and I came up with loads of cool Halloween crafting ideas.  Having reminded myself that they were only five.  I settled on making the following.


There are some amazing pom pom tutorials on Red Ted Art.  This is where I got the ideas for the pom pom bats and spiders.


The girls had great fun and it kept them quite and busy for a good couple of hours.  Unfortunately Amelie got a bit too over excited and subsequently her behaviour was slightly suspect.  Typical!Halloween-3


 A completed spider necklace.

I think that the girls had fun and I managed to actually use some of my craft bits up.  I have decided to do another crafting session for Amelies little friends in the lead up to Christmas.  What have you got planned for the Halloween half term??

Why I hate Tesco……

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A quick trip to Tesco this morning and I was reminded of why I hate the place so much.

First of all I hate that you have to put a £1 in the trolley (I understand the reasoning but it is just another reason why I hate the place).  There are banks and banks of trolleys all so closely packed together with the front one being jammed I had to go on the hunt for a trolley with a child seat. Although at least today there were some toddler and baby spaces free.

Other than my issue with the trolley today I found several things that epitomise why I hate Tesco.

There is so much stuff it’s overwhelming.  Not only this but it makes it difficult to work out what is the best value.  There are little yellow stickers all over the place. I hate the stack it high sell it cheap.  What happened to the saying less is more?

Here is one example:  1.5Kg of Allinsons bread flour = £1.72 or 3kg for £1.50 – Its a no brainer but how many people don’t notice this and then spend an extra 22p for half as much?


Another example:  Had I not checked my receipt, rather than saving money I would have been £4.20 out of pocket.  The offer was 3 simple cosmetic products for £5.00.  I managed to pick the only item on the whole shelf that despite being a simple product was not part of the promotion.  Instead of this being highlighted to me at the till it was only as I was leaving I thought to check my receipt that I realised that instead of being charged £5.00 for my products I had been charged £9.29.  This then resulted in a 10 min trip to customer services in order to get a refund.


Finally once I had paid, the cashier cheerfully informed me that I had £4.57 off my next shop.  This is something I just don’t get.  I don’t want a piece of paper to tell me that basically had I gone somewhere else my shopping would have been cheaper.  Why can’t they just deduct this total directly from my shopping bill???  Anyway I thought I would use my voucher towards a barbie for my daughter – but Oh No it’s not valid until tomorrow!  Whats that all about??? Is it in the hope that I will loose my voucher or forget to use it within the designated time frame?

I like Aldi because I go with no expectation.  There is nothing fancy about it.  It is what it is. It’s cheap, cheerful and functional and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else.  I also like Waitrose.  Here I like the personal touch the feeling that you are a valued customer.  I like the instant feeling of reward.  I like the coffee and the newspaper and I am so pleased when I am only handed one receipt at the till.  I don’t want hundreds of vouchers for items I probably don’t want or bits of paper telling me how much more expensive it was in Waitrose.  I can cut my food budget by about half if I stay out of Tesco.

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t always hated Tesco.  Ten years ago I loved the place but now I loath it and dread having to pop in there for anything as it always ends up costing me a fortune.


Halloween & Christmas Designs

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Hello October.

With Halloween and Christmas only just around the corner we have been busy working on some new ideas for the Holiday Season.

For all those Spooky Trick or Treat adventures I have put together a range of handy bags.




Then for my favorite time of the year I have come up with some Santa Sack Designs.

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