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Wow is all I can say.  I am astounded at how many of my personalised bags I have sold.  In just over a month I have posted out about 60. Most of these have been my Easter gift bags but the ABC bags are proving quite popular too.  What started out as a crafting idea has progressed into something much bigger than I ever imagined.

Here are some of my latest bags and ideas.  I really like the Toadstools, simple but effective.


1: Personalised Printed Cotton Bag | 2: Matching  Tag | 3: Matching Pin Badge | 4: Matching card


Personalised ABC bags letters A-Z with coordinating images


Pin Badges to match


Personalised Tags to match


The smaller bags 21 x 26cm make perfect party bags.


Personalised ABC Cards letters A-Z with coordinating images.

Having made all the Easter bags and ABC bags I couldn’t leave my girls out.  Leaving it virtually till the last minute I finally got round to printing them some bags which we filled with their Easter treats.


Without the support of my friends over at Auntie Mims this is an idea that probably wouldn’t have progressed any further than a craft idea.  It has been their faith in my bags and ability that has given me the confidence to take it to the next level.  So a big shout out to them.  Go check out their cool products.

Personalised Handwriting Car Keyring

Auntie Mims: Personalised Handwriting Car Keyring

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Old El Paso review 0

We regularly buy the Old El Paso mexican kits with the fajitas being a firm favorite in our house.  So when we were recently asked if we would like to review some Old El Paso products we were only too happy to take part.

I love the Old El Paso mexican kits.  They are so handy to have in the cupboard for those nights when you just want something quick and easy.  I keep trying to get Amelie to try one but she was having none of it until she discovered that one of her little friends loves them.  So when our big box of Old El Paso products arrived we decided that the Extra Mild Super Tasty One Pan Rice Meal would be a good starting point for her. All we needed to add was some diced chicken,a green pepper an onion and a can of sweetcorn 20 minutes later and we were sitting down. It was so easy to make and tasted great and whats more Amelie loved it.  This is one meal that conventionally I would never have brought but will definitely be buying in future.  Amelie has been asking me almost on a daily basis when we will be having a mexican again.


There were so many fab looking products I didn’t know where to start.  There were products like the Roasted Tomato & Pepper Fajita Dinner Kit which I would definitely buy  and items that before now such as Spicy Habanero Chilli and Roasted Garlic Casserole Recipe Mix and  Squeezy Zesty Red Jalapeno Relish I would almost certainly bypassed in the supermarket.


We decided to make an evening of it and had some of my family for dinner.  I just LOVED the Spicy Habanero Chilli and Roasted Garlic Casserole Recipe Mix, just sitting here now writing this is making my mouth water.  I am already planning on when we will have this again.  It said it was hot, however I don’t think it was any hotter than the Smoky Chipotle Chilli and Honey Casserole Recipe Mix (which indecently was also delicious.)  Again it was just so easy, beef, sweet potato and courgette and 2 hours in the oven.

I wasn’t so keen on the Squeezy Sweet Corn Relish and the Squeezy Zesty Red Jalapeno Relish.  Without wanting to sound too fussy it was the appearance of the Squeezy Sweet Corn Relish that put me off.  Everyone else assured me that it tasted great but I just couldn’t get over its appearance.  I did however like the Squeezy Zesty Red Jalapeno Relish I just thought it was a little on the sweet side.

Being a big fan of Old El Paso and I will definitely be adding some of their new products to my next shopping list.  I would highly recommend the casserole mixes so quick easy and delicious.




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Day trip to Plopsaland- Belgium 0

On Tuesday we decided to take a day trip to Belgium to Plopsaland.  When Mike suggested it I was very skeptical as I had never heard of it before.  However we had a great family day out.

Living so close to France it is really easy for us to take advantage of the cross channel links.  We caught the 7.30am P&O crossing and with a quick trip up the motorway and into Belgium we were at Plopsaland by 10.30am French time.



We have never taken the girls to a theme park before.  I have always been put off by the cost and the thought of endless hours of queuing.  Upon arrival at Plopsaland I did have that sinking feeling looking at the queue to get in but once on the other side despite it being busy it wasn’t too bad.  We did have to queue for a few of the rides but nothing too bad.

I impressed with the selection of rides suitable for little people and we even managed to take Harriet on a couple.  The longest queue of about half an hour was for this high rise roller coaster.  I had visions of Amelie and Daddy queuing only for her to be too scared at the last minute but she loved it.




In all it was a good family day out.  The girls ate nothing but junk food all day and were completely exhausted by the end of the day.  We eventually made it home about 10.00pm




Plopsaland cost €30 (in advance)  €34 (on the day) each.  We had to pay for Amelie but Harriet was free.

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Girls canvas paintings: 2014 0

Yesterday the girls painted a canvas each for their bedrooms.  Since 2011 this has become a bit of a family tradition.  However as soon as I gave Harriet her paintbrush I remembered how much mess a little person with paint can make.  The first thing she did was try eat it!!!






I love these paintings so much.  I think they make lovely keepsakes as they get older and its so great to see their drawing and painting skills progress over the years.

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Whats for dinner?? 0

Today I decided to cook a Lasagne alla bolognese from my favorite Italian cook book “The Geometry of Pasta”.  The recipe is just so easy and simple to make but so satisfying to cook.  Cooked slowly on the stove with milk and white wine it was delicious.  Having got Harriet who cannot eat dairy I made this with Koko dairy free milk and you seriously could not tell the difference.  Both Harriet and Amelie it all so I am assuming it got the thumbs up.



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